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COVID-19 Testing

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COVID-19 Test

Stay Safe, Healthy, and Informed

Safe Hands makes COVID testing in Michigan easy. We provide convenient and accessible COVID-19 testing to the community. Tests are observed and directed by a healthcare worker. Our goal is to provide reliable testing for you, your family, and your community.

Covid testing at home

Safe Hands is soon to offer a Corona Virus Test at your home! Are you looking out for an affordable PCR test service? We will soon start shipping PCR COVID tests directly to your doorsteps with instructions on how to test. You will receive your test results in 48-72 hours after we receive them back. Safe Hands will set COVID testing in Farmington hills to higher levels and is all set to devote itself to assisting home-bound patients with home health services. This includes doctor consultations, nursing visits at home, palliative care, physiotherapy, and vaccinations.

Find a location and schedule service at one of these three sites.

Set your location and enjoy affordable COVID testing.

Get your test and other services at one of our drive-thru’s.

Just type “drive-thru COVID test near me" and find our valuable services ready to assist you.

Results received within ~ 72 hours.

Results timeline is not a guarantee - due to shipping or processing, there may be delays in receiving your results.

How to Reach Us?

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